Adjust the fit of your shoes.

Depending on the material, whether new or old, almost all shoes can be stretched out, a so-called lasting.

We will make individual adjustments if your shoes are too small or pressing. As well as widening boot shafts that are too narrow. This is a free service if you bought your shoes from us.
We are happy to help even on shoes not purchased from us.

It is possible to read the length, width, height of the toe, instep, shank (top/calf/ankle) or a specific point. We recommend to read the shoe half a size at a time. Sometimes it is possible to stretch a shoe up to one size larger.

What we do is treat the shoe with a special fluid that softens the leather and makes it more stretchy, and we then insert a lasting tool which is a mechanical last where you can turn various screws to press the shoe out where needed.

All lasting is done in our shop in Sturegallerian in Stockholm.
The lasting process can be done in batches for best results. One round of lasting takes about 48 hours.


If you have shoes that are slightly too big or slip in the heel, you can easily adjust them with insoles. Choose a full sole if the shoe is large and a half sole if it only feels a little too big.


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