Shoes by Elia Maurizi are not just shoes - they are unique works of art.

Elia presented its first collection in 2009 and took the shoe world by storm. The shoes are produced in their family-owned factory in Montegranaro, Italy, which was founded in 1977. All shoes are made by hand under the direction of Elia.

Elia comes from a family where shoe craftsmanship has followed for generations. His father, Antonio Maurizi, is a respected designer among classic Italian shoe fashion. Elia combines traditional craftsmanship with creativity and modern innovation - always with comfort and quality in mind. He creates collections ranging from boots to sneakers, both men's and women's, all with Elia's unique touch. Experimental design that is different from most on the market. With the iconic checkered outsole and bird logo, his shoes are easy to recognize.

"Etica" - The company is actively working to reduce the human impact on the environment. They create shoes with sustainable, climate-smart manufacturing techniques and use natural and recycled materials. All leather is treated without chromium in a way that requires 50-80% less water. All soles are made from natural rubber and recycled materials. The shoe boxes are made from recycled cardboard and the shoe bags from recycled cotton.