Moma is a breath of fresh air in a traditional industry.

Moma has stuck out in the industry since its inception in 1985. Founded by brothers Luigi, Nelso and Daniele Gironacci who wanted to create trendy, handmade shoes that also paid homage to Italian shoe traditions. Based in the beautiful mountains of the Le Marche area of Italy, the brothers are constantly inspired by the surrounding landscape of vines, mossy trees and rust that develop ideas for their unique designs. Three brothers with the motto of wanting to get their hands dirty to express their creativity.

Moma is a breath of fresh air in an otherwise traditional industry. The artisan factory combines traditional craftsmanship with innovative design, which is the heart and soul of the Moma brand. A place where raw materials meet well-known techniques and traditions. Moma wants to honour its artisans and the products they create, and celebrate the unique details and quirks that characterise a handmade product.

The shoes tell the story of the people behind them. A shoe becomes a collection of design, artistry and the unique craftsman. This is evident in their men's and women's shoes. Sneakers with metallic dyed leather, boots in buffalo leather, derbies with chunky soles in rawhide, and sandals in braided kangaroo leather. Moma has recently become a well-known brand with a global following. With a clear vision of creating luxury handcrafted footwear, Moma continues to shake up the industry.