"The shoes are not just shoes, they carry a story. King Tartufoli's story"

A little over 60 years ago, in Marche, Italy, Giovanni Tartufoli decided to follow his dream and turn his passion for shoemaking into his own shoe manufacturing company. Giovanni Tartufoli founded King Tartufoli. Giovanni has now passed the business on to his children Sofia and Giacomo, who combine quality and style with their father's experience with passion and care.

King Tartufoli can be described in three words; style, quality and comfort. The brand is today globally established precisely for these three attributes. The King Tartufoli shoe is perfect for women and men who love details and high quality without sacrificing comfort. Derby shoes without laces for men and women, traditional loafers, red boots in genuine leather and beloved booties for women in glossy high quality leather.

With a conscious use of natural leathers combined with knowledge of shoe craftsmanship. Aware of the latest trends, but putting their main focus on timelessness. With a goal to create shoes that will last a lifetime. King Tartufoli works with dyeing methods that give a "vintage" effect, making each pair unique. Always handmade in Marche, Italy.