Best knee-high boots you need

When it comes to It shoe silhouettes, ankle bootsoftenreign supreme during fall. But there's actually another classic shape that may just give your favorite booties a run for their money. Yes, Iwe are talking aboutknee-highboots. While they've been making the fashion rounds for seasons, this footwear pick is apparently one of the only styles that matter for fall 2022.

High Boot Tropez

Made by hand by Officine Creative team of artisanal shoemakers in Italy, rigorous craftsmanship is what sets Tropez apart. Lean into its sleek appeal with pared back separates in ankle boot

High Boot Stella 046 | Black Leather
CC WomenHigh Boot Stella 046 | Black Leather
Sale price5 800 SEK
Verve Boots 520 | Dark Brown Suede
PantanettiVerve Boots 520 | Dark Brown Suede
Sale price7 000 SEK
Shoulder Bag Class 28 | Black Leather