What happens when artisan shoes from Italy's leading fashion designers meet the countryside in southern Sweden?

This is the story of Efforté merging CC Shoes' innovative pieces together with the surroundings of the countryside. They explore and interpret the clash and the interaction between fashionable shoes and the rural environment. Italian haute couture in the dry grass of Österlen.

An anachronistic journey.

The duo started in Stockholm, rented an electric car and went for a road trip with Österlen insight – an anachronistic journey.

Bringing curated footwear from Italian Premiata, Strategia, Elena Iachi, Officine Creative, Moma and more - the peak edge of Italian made footwear.

In Skåne, in an area where Malin spent parts of her childhood, they stayed in a house with a botanical garden. Close to water and agriculture. Close to the station beside the old railway that was taken out of service several decades ago.

Two creative minds in one space.

Efforté is the dynamic duo of Fredrik and Malin. They create an aesthetic movement. Masterpieces that arise in the meeting between Malin's creative “beyond the limit thinking” and Fredrik's extensive experience in film production and photography. Their main projects fall within the framework of film, photography, fashion and art.

Efforté is:

Fredrik Bäckar is a world-famous cinematographer. Best known for his participation in "The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo" and “Exit”. With a creative mind and solid experience in film production, Fredrik is constantly looking for what is beyond the viewer's expectations.

Malin Jansson is a stylist and creator. With a steady focus on fashion and jewellery. Rawness meets humour, packaged in a way that is easily accessible but that challenges norms of the society.